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Welcome to AMF open source project

Apache Mobile Filter (created by Idel Fuschini) is the easiest and fastest way to detect mobile devices.

AMF is a suite of tools that allow access to a Device Repository (such as WURFL, DetectRight, 51Degrees or others) directly from Apache: now you can detect devices no matter what language your website uses.

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AMF Main Features

  • Device Detection

    AMF detects your device and passes the capabilities to your website as simple environment variables

  • Image Rendering

    Resizes images "on the fly" to match the screen size of the mobile device, including animated gif.

  • Mobile Switcher

    The easiest way to the switch the device to the correct content.


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    Help Apache Mobile Filter

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Latest News

  • AMF+ 1.2.5

    Sep, 2015

    The AMF+ 1.2.5 with hot fix is available to downloadi

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  • AMF+ 1.2.4

    Aug, 2015

    The AMF+ 1.2.4 with hot fix is available to downloadi

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  • AMF+ 1.2.2

    Aug, 2015

    The AMF+ 1.2.2 with more features is available to downloadi

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  • AMF 4.0.6

    Aug, 2015

    The AMF 4.0.6 with more features is available to download

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  • AMF+ 1.2.1

    Jun, 2015

    The AMF+ 1.2.1 with more features is available to downloadi

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  • AMF+ 1.2.0

    Nov, 2014

    The AMF+ 1.2.0 with more features is available to downloadi

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  • Testimonial

    • Peter Baumann

      12 Jun, 2015

      Easy and lightweight program to detect mobile devices. Great and fast support.We think you have done a great job.

    • Sathya Meda

      21 May, 2014

      Thank you for creating a simple way of being able to detect mobiles and tablets. Support is also excellent - I received an reply (and also update) within an hour of raising a query, amazing indeed.

    • Jitendra Soni

      17 August, 2013

      Its very useful for me in creating mobile version of the site. Its very user friendly and can get support easily in case of any issues/question especially from Idel.

    • James Vinyl

      23 April, 2013

      A good opportunity to set filtering of mobile devices! Thank you! A very necessary thing.

    • Dyens Software

      17 April, 2013

      AMF is EXTREMELY useful in the development of mobile and desktop solutions. Robust and reliable with people behind very careful and quick to give support.